#16 “Heart Stories”

Be The Change – Episode #16

Do you ever wonder about your place in the world? Sometimes, we have to take a leap of faith in to discover the true impact we can have. In this episode, our storytellers open up about the moments that brought this reality into focus.  And how it changed them.

Pam tells us about being moved on her first team leading experience in Romania.  She realized how profoundly needy the children were; one baby in particular who had little physical tone or strength. When she returned three months later, she was astonished by the child’s improvement in the meantime – through sustained volunteer care and love.

Daniel talks about what happens AFTER a volunteer team leaves – from the perspective of one who lives inside the community served by Global Volunteers. “I do see the effect the volunteers have over the years.  The children see they keep coming and spend time with them.” Daniel cites how in the children’s home in Lima, the children refer to volunteers as “Hannah” because they remember how caring and attentive this special volunteer was, and the long-term feeling she left in their hearts.

Ken beautifully capsulizes the pure and penetrating human connection possible, as a volunteer caring for a child with hydrocephalus. “He couldn’t react much, but I played him a lot of Joan Baez and Grateful Dead on my Iphone. The first time I saw him he grabbed my heart.”

Jeff reflects on the realization that volunteers have throughout the world: “There’s more to be seen…there’s more to be taken in…  The people are anxious to become friends, and accept what you have to offer.” That’s how you experience the true heart and soul of a community.

Episode storytellers: Pam, Daniel, Ken, and Jeff


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