#17 “Links in a Chain”

Be The Change – Episode #17

Why do some volunteers return to serve the same community time after time – sometimes several years annually?  What have they discovered about how they can affect change?

Our first story teller says a legacy of service brought her back to Tanzania. “You’re part of a long chain of providing service and hope and community” says Lisa.  Two weeks of your life can have a profound, long-term impact, especially when you’re part of a stream of volunteers returning year after year.  It’s the continuity that makes the difference.

Pam, who has led over 50 volunteer teams has personal experience witnessing the change in a community over time. “When you see what happens, the little, little bit that you do.  And the next person does a little bit, that’s what it is.” She says the work of leading Global Volunteers teams is repaid by experiencing the contributions every team makes.

“What can a short-term volunteer do in just a couple weeks?” Jeff asks. It may not be obvious at first. He retells the story of Liliana and José in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.  His answer may surprise you, but it’s sure to encourage you.

Mike, our final storyteller, offers a youthful perspective on this question. “We must be doing something right,” he says.  “I can take the first step, and afterwards, someone else will come and carry on our work.” It’s a model he asserts should be followed by every volunteer effort.

Episode storytellers: Lisa, Pam, Jeff, and Mike

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