#15 “Flying High”

Be The Change – Episode #15

Being asked to stretch outside our comfort zones can be exhilarating and intimidating. The “can-do” spirit arising from a team of devoted volunteers can gently push individuals to apply themselves in unexpected new ways. Our storytellers report that contributing personal skills and talents in a new setting can feel like “flying high in service.”

Carol describes how, as a team leader, she helped community leaders engage volunteers in a wide variety of unplanned ways to maximize their contributions to children and families.

Lynn recalls the highlight of her Cuba program was the opportunity to use some of her marketing skills to teach a Cuban tour operator how to sell his service to English-speaking tourists.

Pam gained new skills she never thought she’d need – carrying rocks on her head for a mile from a riverbed to a road in Ipalamwa, Tanzania!

Our new storyteller is a professional trainer. Donna explains how she provided business consulting to Chinese entrepreneurs in Xi’an.

Episode storytellers: Carol, Lynn, Pam, and Donna

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