#24 “Reaching Children’s Potential”

Be The Change – Episode #24

This episode is dedicated to the stories of volunteers and staff who have contributed to Global Volunteers’ Reaching Children’s Potential program (RCP) in Tanzania.  It’s a demonstration program to address childhood stunting – and the effectiveness of short-term volunteers in helping halt this disastrous affliction.

What does it take, to take on such an expansive goal? Carol explains, from the informed perspective of a professor of anthropology, that a careful, respectful, and deliberate approach ensures a true partnership at every level. Hers is an important introduction to the personal reflections on service that follow.

Lisa, another college professor, says her experience is that RCP is effective because of its focus on a very specific outcome through very specific interventions.  Families’ lives are forever improved, she says, because volunteers are able to contribute to projects addressing “every aspect of the first few years of a child’s life.”

Tim says the opportunity to be part of a program on the ground level to actually challenge the conditions causing childhood stunting “is fascinating.”  He was empowered to make a real difference working with preschool children who still have their futures to learn and grow.

Finally, Anna, Global Volunteers’ Tanzanian team leader, expresses her hope for the program – the families and volunteers together – is to see children grow and thrive to become “great people.”  She says she expects that as the program expands, some of these children, whom she’s working with today, will become presidents, teachers, and others who have lasting impact on her country.

Episode Storytellers: Carol, Lisa, Tim, and Anna 

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