Episode #24 Storytellers

Our storytellers in Episode 24 are:



Carol Conzelman

Carol is a cultural anthropologist at the University of Colorado-Boulder. She is the Associate Director for the Global Studies Academic Program, Faculty-in-Residence for the Sustainability and Social Innovation Academic Program, and directs a summer Study Abroad program in the Yungas of Bolivia. Carol serves on the Global Volunteers Board and chairs the Reaching Children’s Potential Committee.

Lisa Graumlich

Lisa is a world-renowned climate change expert and distinguished professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. Her initial work was tracking the climate of an area using data from trees. She served in Tanzania in 2014 with her daughter Maya and again in 2016 to help establish the Reaching Children‘s Potential program. Read about Lisa and Maya’s journey here.

Tim Cunniff

As a 15-time Global Volunteer, Tim has served children and families on diverse projects all over the world. With an MBA in organizational management, Tim researches and resolves contractual issues for Triumph Aerospace Structures in Hawthorne, CA. He says his training prepares him for serving a larger goal through short-term projects with Global Volunteers. Read about Tim’s travels here.

Anna Victor Mwenda

Anna Victor Mwenda was born, raised, and educated in Iringa. She earned a certificate in records management from Tanzania Public Service College and has trained with the Community Bible Study (CBS) to obtain a certificate to teach children and youth. Before joining Global Volunteers’ Tanzania Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Demonstration Project as the Team Leader, Anna was an insurer with Prighose Insurance Agency and also worked for the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Human Settlement Development as a record manager.

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