#11 “The Ripple Effect”

Be The Change – Episode #11

We continue our conversations with Cindy, Lynn and Jeff:  What service projects impacted them the most, and how did those efforts ripple out across the community?  Jeff helped build a wall in a poverty-stricken family’s home, and through his work, obtained insight unavailable to tourists and “average” travelers to Cuba.

Cindy recalls four volunteers from Maui on her team on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation who joined to connect with other indigenous Americans.  To highlight their own culture, the group of four performed a traditional dance for elders at an assisted living center.

Lynn connected her English-language student, whose dream is to fly airplanes, with a retired airline pilot on her volunteer team- widening the young man’s vision of future possibilities.

Episode storytellers: Jeff, Cindy, and Lynn

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