#9 “Farther Reach”

Be The Change – Episode #9

The world has gotten a lot “smaller” for most of us through technology, media and international tourism.  But, to truly achieve a global perspective, one must walk a more erstwhile path. It may sound contradictory, but often, slowing down can speed up learning.

This episode explores the payback for taking time to reach out farther.  Giving back to the world in an intentional, relaxed way is a common draw for each of our storytellers.  The “call” for most Global Volunteers is to reach out farther – and demonstrate authentic care, intense interest, and an optimistic view of life.

For Joe, the most compelling aspect of reaching out is the team dynamic around a common purpose.  He says “the most profound sense is… like you’ve known (team members) forever.  They’re called to come together in this new place where you are.”

Mike says overcoming his introversion by “pushing on for two hours of small talk and conversion” through English lessons in Cuba created a comfortable commonality with a local surgeon – someone he was surprised to connect with.

Tim talks about how Global Volunteers’ Philosophy of Service enables individuals “promote positive change” among people who want and appreciate their support. This can bring a world divided to a place of understanding.

Gila concludes: It’s “life changing, life altering” to return with “so, so much more than you gave.”  The urge is to take an inventory of your own life – and in the context of all you have, and all you have to give, to embrace the world wholeheartedly.

Episode storytellers: Joe, Mike, Tim, and Gila

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