#7 “Letting Go”

Be The Change – Episode #7

Some of the greatest experiences in life occur when we let go of our pressing concerns and free our minds.  It’s not easy to do – especially after you’ve paid thousands of dollars to travel to a new place to make a difference.

But, experience tells us that both volunteers and local people benefit the most when they allow the natural rhythms of the service program to take over – and see the “magic” that occurs!

In this episode, we listen to four storytellers describe experiences completely unique to them while serving others.  Cindy says “the opportunities to connect and volunteer alongside local people are so rich…there’s nothing like getting to know someone,” getting to know one another’s families and finding common ground.

Mike says unplugging from technology and daily life is unfamiliar at his age.  When he returned home, he missed this freedom from the business of life.

The intensity of sharing a common goal brings about an intimacy that may not be possible without letting go of expectations. Elisa shares a moment when this became clear to her.

Pam came to this realization, almost by accident on a beach. Without much further thought, she was on her way to Tanzania after deciding a “volunteer vacation” was what she longed for.  Despite her friends’ and family’s questions, she boldly set off for Ipalamwa – to unplug – and hasn’t looked back!

Episode storytellers: Cindy, Mike, Elisa, and Pam


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