Episode #34 Storyteller

Our storyteller in Episode 34 is:


Rebecca Parlakian

Rebecca Parlakian serves as Senior Director of Programs at ZERO TO THREE, a national nonprofit focused on promoting the healthy development of children from birth to three, where she directs a portfolio of federally- and privately-funded projects related to healthy child development and high quality teaching and caregiving for children from birth to age five. Rebecca has co-authored three parenting education curricula and developed parenting resources on various topics and in various formats (including an app, podcasts, and videos). Rebecca’s written work has appeared in a variety of publications including the Zero to Three Journal and the peer-reviewed Young Children, journal of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She has also spoken widely, both within the U.S. and internationally, on topics including brain development, early literacy and language development, parent coaching, children and media, and more. Rebecca holds a Master’s degree in Education and Human Development, with a concentration in infant-toddler special education, from the George Washington University, where she is currently serving as adjunct faculty.


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