Episode #33 Storytellers

Our storytellers in Episode 33 are:


Samantha Pinakoulaki

Samantha was born and brought up in the south of England and graduated from a London school of performing arts with honors. She spent ten years traveling the world with various dance groups. Her last group took her to Crete in Greece, where she met her husband of 16 years. They now have five children. Samantha volunteers to help children with mental and physical disabilities in her hometown.

Peggy Cope

Peggy Cope is a mother of four who lives in northern California. She served in Greece with Global Volunteers in 2017. She studied Interior Design. She loves gardening, good friends, food, and the beach.

Julia McGrath

Julia and her daughter, Kenna, live in Charlotte, NC. Julia also has two teenage sons, Manning and Weston, who have also participated in international service programs with her. Julia teaches school part time and is also a cycle instructor, but mostly she enjoys her job as a mom. She enjoys exercise, travel, and volunteering. Finding ways to give back is a lifelong quest for Julia, and she hopes to pass this philanthropic spirit on to her children through these wonderful experiences. Global Volunteers has been a great avenue for this objective.


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