#20 “A Day in the Life”

Be The Change – Episode #20

It’s a rare opportunity to get a glimpse into a day of on-site volunteers – while they serve on the other side of the world. It’s even more special to hear their stories in the very moment the sights, sounds, and emotions swirl around them.

This week, our host records our storytellers in the moment. We hear that fresh, pure perspective of their personal journey to Ipalamwa, a small village in the Iringa District of Tanzania. Each of them was a part of the first team introducing the Reaching Children’s Potential program, an integrated effort to eliminate stunting and increase the quality of life for families in this corner of the world.

First, Stephanie, a high school English teacher, paints the picture of what it felt like to not just teach at the Secondary School but to also be accepted and welcomed by her students in a way that is both unfamiliar and gratifying.

Grace helps us understand that often there is more to a story than meets the eye, and that by listening closely, the whole scene – and your perception of it – can change dramatically.

Next, Amy describes the joy of holding a book for almost 100 kindergarteners – possibly giving them a first-time experience.

Finally, we get a rare look back as Sarah reflects, a week after returning home, on a portion she wrote for the team journal while in Ipalamwa.  Her wistful tone and thoughtful words tell the whole story.


Episode storytellers: Sarah, Grace, Stephanie, and Amy

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