#19 “A Closer Look”

Be The Change – Episode #19

We know that things are rarely as they first seem.  It’s natural to approach new experiences with expectations of how they might unfold.  But, if we’re truly open-minded, our discoveries can be much greater than we first imagined.

Our storytellers share how this dynamic works on volunteer programs, each with a personal view on taking a closer look.

First, Cindy eloquently relates how volunteers who suspend their assumptions can enrich their volunteer experience. “Those are the people, when at the end of the week, have been moved – have been touched the most.”

Lisa says you might understand a need from your own limited experience, but a closer look often reveals another side. Her hard-hitting example may sound familiar to you.

Being part of a volunteer team is how Julie and her daughters gained valuable perspective. Fast forward – they’re still learning!

Summing up, our Ecuador Country Manager, Maggie, recalls how a high-achieving team member was forced to consider how a simpler solution might be the best course.  This is a lesson for all of us!

Episode storytellers: Cindy, Lisa, Julie, and Maggie

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