#32 Hope = Action

Hope = Action – Episode #32

This week’s episode takes us into the new year filled with thoughts of hope. Each of our four featured storytellers looks at cultivating hope through action, from a slightly different angle.

Peggy and her family had a year loaded with personal challenges so large that she felt as though the fabric of her family was ripping away. Peggy, her husband, and their children found hope while working together, teaching conversational English in Greece. Peggy believes that serving as a family facilitated healing and restored a balance in a unique and lasting way.

Abby, a photographer took her camera to Tanzania this past fall and found hope in the eyes, heart, and spirit of a community.

The desire to pass her love for travel and service on to her children is so strong for Julia that her 13th birthday present to each of them was a trip that centered on service. Julia sees hope for the future through what she shares with her children.

Mary has been on service programs to China multiple times. With changes in the political climate in the US, Mary worried about how she, as an American, would be viewed. She found hope for the future in her positive interactions with teachers in China.


Episode storytellers: Peggy, Abby, Julia & Mary

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