#13 “Hand in Hand”

Be The Change – Episode #13

In this episode, our storytellers talk about the transformative power of person-to-person service within their relationships as couples. They express in different ways how service strengthened their bond by allowing them to witness how they each care for and learn from others.

Greg is clear about the value he derives from teamwork with his wife, Marcia. “Serving together as a couple affirms our belief in each other…we work well together.  Just sitting across the room from her and teaching…I really enjoy watching her work with children.”

Carol and Dean have extended their love of volunteering to groups of friends and couples to join them on their service programs. Together, the added perspectives expand their experience and deepens their understanding of local people, the culture and the joy of service.  “When we came home, we could share the experience over and over and over,” says Dean.

Even the “hard” lessons enhance understanding between a couple. Barbara, a physician describes a time she and her husband, also a physician, examined children living in Quito’s poverty.  “We had never worked together, and this was new for us. We learned something about each other’s strengths and challenges.” Visiting a family on the fringes was “eye-opening,” she said. Witnessing the children’s home life together was an important experience for them as a couple, Barbara says.

Episode storytellers: Greg and Marcia, Carol and Dean, and Barbara

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