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#2 “Flip The Switch”

Be The Change – Episode #2

Our second episode looks closely at the way a single moment – or a stream of moments can “flip the switch” in our minds  – leading to life-altering awareness.  “Why are people in America and Europe discovering a lot of things, and we’re discovering nothing?” he asks.  “One volunteer brings a lot of change,” he asserts.

This episode begins with Kate, who describes the emerging consciousness that occurred on each of her service programs – beginning with a new perspective on a transition period in her own life, to “trying out things bite-sized” to help define what’s waiting for her ahead.

The second story is from Ken, who looks back over the first week of each of his service programs to see the ways his teammates “are really different people” than they were at the beginning of the program.

Stephanie, our third guest is a self-described “go-getter” who learned that sometimes the best way to help is to go with the flow.  A great change in her personal “style” leads to surprising realizations!

Don’t miss our final story… Tim, a veteran volunteer, talks about a deeply personal experience he shares with a little girl of two years.  It may be the most unforgettable volunteer experience he’s had on 14 service programs!

Episode storytellers: Kate, Ken, Stephanie, and Tim

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