Episode #22 Storytellers

Our storytellers in Episode 22 are:


Peter Kelley

Peter Kelley is Global Volunteers’ Director of International Operations. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Minnesota and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from American University. Peter has published three novels. He has lived and worked abroad in the Netherlands and the UK, and served with his family on Global Volunteers’ Cuba service program.

Gabe Hoffman

Gabe Hoffman works at Screen Pilot, a digital ad agency. He moved to Denver a little over a year ago from Minneapolis. He loves living in Colorado, but is still very loyal to Minnesota and their sports teams, specifically the Timberwolves and Vikings. In his free time he enjoys camping, hiking, playing sports, and hanging out with his new fiancé and their dog, Riley.

Michele Gran

Michele Gran co-founded Global Volunteers in 1984. She earned a Master’s Degree in International Communications, and previously worked in the government, nonprofit, and private sectors. For the past 33 years, Michele has served as Global Volunteers’ vice president and director of marketing. She’s led more than 50 service programs and serves on the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors.

Cindy Murray

Cindy is a producer of special events and corporate programs at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She’s served on 20 Global Volunteers programs since 1997 in the USA and abroad as both a volunteer and a team leader. She has a dual Master’s Degree in Development and Human Resources Management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Drama. She says she’s drawn to the “adrenaline rush” of ambiguity in her personal and professional life!

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