#8 “Get to know Mexico”

Be The Change – Episode Eight

You might be surprised by all that awaits south of the U.S. border. Mexico is a magnetic tourist destination – but more, the country draws volunteers motivated to make a difference in the lives of young adults preparing for a productive career. Seen from a humanitarian perspective, the small, hospitable town Global Volunteers serves is an enclave of dreamers and strivers alike.

Senior and student volunteers especially are passionate about teaching conversational English on university campuses. Experienced Mexico travelers are gratified to engage the colorful culture through eager students.  Those who haven’t travelled to Mexico before are charmed by historic Querétaro, a safe and engaging destination.

As a volunteer team leader, Pam leads individuals of all ages and walks of life on two-week journeys of service to Querétaro, Mexico with Global Volunteers.  It’s a passion she’s cultivated for over 17 years.  In fact, most of her volunteers return year after year, simply for the pleasure of teaching university students under Pam’s management. And, over these years, she’s found a place in the hearts of those she and her teams serve.  One story, taking place at the airport, epitomizes the impact that “the Globals” have.  “I think you begin to see the spirit and the hope the people have,” Pam says.

Episode storyteller: Pam